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Order an image file (jpg) of an Ostrom photo! Your least expensive option for ordering Ostrom photos.


Note: Many photos include a border that would not be printed. We will send you the entire available image to allow you to crop to any size you desire. 



  1. Search for your photo(s), which are accessed HERE. You will be able to search for photos by Individuals and Families, Towns, and Churches.
  2. After you have completed your photo search, record, in the box to your right and above, the negative number of each picture desired, followed by the number of copies of each photo. (Example: 44567-2/44591-3)
  3. Enter the total number of pictures desired in the box listed as "Quantity"'. In the above example, you would list "5" in the quantity box.
  4. Shipping and Handling is a $5.00 fee per order, not per item, so add books or other photos. You still pay only $5.00 for S&H!

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