Society Committees

The Sibley County Historical Society has several committees that need volunteers.  Please consider volunteering

for one or more of the following committees. 

Collections Committee

Arlene Busse, Sharon Haggenmiller,

Marie Main, Jeff DuCharme

Areas of responsibility

Photographing , maintaining the museum’s exhibits, maintaining and changing the museum’s displays, general cleaning of the exhibits and artifacts.

Communications Committee

Dan Hislop, Webmaster

Diane Frauendienst, Newsletter

Roseann Nagel, Facebook Site Maintenance

Education Committee

Sharon Haggenmiller, Judy Lowe

Areas of responsibility

Planning Historical Society events, programs, museum tours, annual meeting, and County Fair booth.

Facilities Committee

Lowell Nagel

Areas of responsibility

Site upkeep, utilities, lawn care & weeding,

snow removal, cleaning, pest control; light carpentry/plumbing/electrical/painting.

Nominating Committee

Rich Nagel, Jeff DuCharme

Areas of responsibility

Seeking future board members.

Research Committee

Eldrene Ebert, Ruth Ann Buck, Arlene Busse. Pat Klunder

Areas of responsibility

Genealogy and related topics.  This committee is responsible

for mail, e-mail, and in-person research requests.  

Archives/Digital Collections Committee

Mike Reinhardt, Chairperson, Steve Briggs, Becky Briggs

Areas of responsibility

Indexing, filing, Maintaining the Past Perfect

database, and digitizing the collections

of photos, documents, and artwork.