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Historical Documents

Lack of storage space and good housekeeping dictates the time for records removal. Records removal from Minnesota Government

offices is controlled by statute.Some material can be discarded by schedule, some must be kept permanently.

When a removal is planned, notice must be given to certain state offices. The Minnesota Historical Society (MHS) sends

a staff member to remove any items chosen for preservation in their collections. Anything left can go

into the dumpster or, as happened this time, offered to some organization.

The Sibley County Historical Society received notice that the county auditor had material left after removal of some

selected items by MHS, so SCHS staff went to the courthouse in Gaylord and filled a car twice.

Sibley County Auditor Documents



Sample Documents

Court Administrator's Office Books


These Court Administrator's Office books

were obtained in 2014.

  An index of book contents will be prepared.

Many of these are from the late 1800's!

For Information, Please Contact:
Arlene Busse
507-248-3687 or 507-351-5235

We certainly don't want to give our visitors the impression this new collection is "ready."  It is not.

We hope to perform an inventory and plan a retrieval system for these materials. We can field inquiries regarding

the materials, but we are limited as there is no "index" yet. The materials are available

for viewing at the Historical Society in Henderson.

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