Ostrom Photos Identified Through
Area Newspapers - 2018

Unidentified Ostrom photos were first published in area newspapers in January 2006. 

Subscribers are asked to provide identifications to the Sibley County Historical Society.  Many photos have been identified through the newspapers.

We enthusiastically thank all newspapers participating in this project!


Gaylord Hub

Lafayette-Nicollet Ledger

Standard-Gazette and Messenger (Gibbon & Fairfax)

Winthrop News

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Twenty-eight (28) photos were identified in 2018.

(Ostrom Camera - From the museum collection)

Viola Bussler and Raymond Krueger

April 5, 1942

N-507 Identified by Irene Leske (Winthrop)

Kenneth Marquardt & Lorraine Janicke (middle couple)

Attendants unknown

December 3, 1941

N-505 Identified by Myrna Buerkle and adds, "Keep up the vintage photos - they are so fun."

Dorothy Niebuhr and Franklin Burke


August 18, 1944

N-503 Identified by Kathy Bierstedt (New Ulm), Ardella Micke (Hutchinson), Marcene Witt, LaVonne Bentz

Leonard Uecker & Berdina Schiro Family

Back row: Kathleen Grewe Uecker, Reginald Uecker, LaVerna Uecker Borchert, LuVerne Borchert

Front row: Berdina, Greggory Borchert, David Borchert, Leonard

N-500 Identified by Irene Leske (Winthrop) and Jenny Lindquist

Harold Henke & Mildred Franke

Bridesmaid Eileen Krecklau

Groomsman Melvin Henke


April 27, 1941

N-497 Identified by their daughter Marlene Henke Johnson (Nicollet)

Mildred Olson & Stanley Lind Family

Children: Mark, Donald, Marge, Charles, and Dean

No date provided

N-496 Identified by Dean Lind (formerly of Winthrop) and Ron Martin (Winthrop)

Violet, Javain, and Eunice Peterson

N-490 Identified by Sandy Ulrich and  Greg Woods (Gibbon)

Bennie & Ellen Johnson Family

Children: Delores & Daryl

N-484 Identified by siblings Larry & Barb Johnson (Winthrop) and Irene Leske (Winthrop)

Helen Grewe & Raymond Schwartz

Married October 23, 1940

N-482 Identified by Mrs. Lavonne Bentz (New Ulm)

Cornelius Zitzman & Julia Ziegler

August 30, 1944

N-480 Identified by Becky Briggs (Eagan, MN)

Violet Vieregge & Stanley Schilling Family

Children l to r: Charles, Sonia, and Lillian

N-479 Identified by Maggie Miller (St. Peter), Irene Leske (Winthrop), Gregory Johnson (Winthrop), and Elaine Deschaine

Esther Gaulke & Otto Stresemann

August 3, 1941

N-475 Identified by Reuben Stresemann (Raleigh, NC) and Sharon Haggenmiller (Henderson)

Winthrop High School Cheerleaders

Mavis Backer, Geraldine Woods, Bernadine Buche Gustafson, Carolyn Swenson, (Margaret) Janette Soehl Kuphal & Janice Ostrom


N-474 Partial IDs by LaDonna Totman (Gaylord) and Janette Soehl Kuphal, final identification by Becky Briggs (Eagan, MN) from yearbook original at the Winthrop Historical Society

Frank Grosam & Caroline Gitter Family

Back row: Leo, Frank, and Caroline

Front row: Margie, Benedict, and Janet

About 1945

N-473 Identified by Bennie Grosam (Fairfax) and Leo's wife Ordell Grosam

Howard Messerli & Meta Kreft

March 30, 1942

N-467 Identified by Robert Jahnke (Cottage Grove, MN)

Viola Henke & Merlin Bergs

June 14, 1944

N-466 Identified by Becky Briggs (Eagan, MN)

Four-Generation Family Photo

Ida (Grewe) Frauendienst, Bertha (Uecker) Grewe, Iona (Frauendienst) Scharpe, & Jerry Scharpe


N-462 Identified by the 2-year old in the photo, Jerry Scharpe (Glencoe)

Erhardt and Anna (Monkemeier) Gebhardt, son Kenneth


June 19, 1944

N-457 Identified by Becky Briggs (Eagan, MN)

Sons of LeRoy and Ardina Hed

Front: Loren and Keith

Back: Jeffrey

About 1955

N-431 Identified at 2018 Sibley County Fair

Alice Schwarzrock and Daughters

Daughters: Bonnie, Sandra, and Linda

About 1958

N-389 Identified by Linda Schwarzrock Ranzau

Steven & James Zitzmann

c. 1953

N-386 Identified by Jim & Doris Zitzmann (New Ulm)

Ralph Carter and Agnes Madson Family

Children: Evelyn, Gerald, Harvey, Jim, George, & Blanche


About 1937

S-355 Identified by Carmen Carter Koester (daughter of Harvey)

Ray Schaefer, June Schaefer, Delores Loeffers, Garfield Marx

Wedding Party

February 19, 1942

S-352 Identified by Daughter Suzanne Marx (Hutchinson)

Siblings Paula and Frank Campa


N-312 Partial ID at 2017 County Fair, final ID by Ron Hanson

Ruben Weckwerth and Lillian Blumke Wedding

Floyd Bluemke, Ruben Weckwerth, Lillian Blumke, & Viola Markwardt

Left/Right ends cropped: Iver Weckwerth & Corrine Klockmann

April 16, 1941

S-252 Identified by Verlinda Stoeckman (Green Isle)

Winthrop High School Sr. Class Play "Here Comes Patricia"

Charles W. Quandt II, Inez Olson, Esmond Lindquist, Roland Olson, Genevieve Eaton, Stanley Olson, Florence Larson, Merrill Haaheim, Ethel Splitstoesser, Margaret Mikes, & Darwin Samuelson


N-230 Identied by E. Larson and Becky Briggs (Eagan) - An original photo is at the Winthrop Historical Society

Winthrop High School Football Team

Front row: Donald Neubarth, Elroy Groehler, Donald Miller, Ronald Martin, Earl Lindstrand, & Orville Saxton

Back row: Coach Kenneth Merritt, Richard Edwards, Merrill Ellies, Dennis Anderson, John Scherer, Luverne Meier, Bert Gustafon, Stanley Totman, & Asst. Coach Lowell Johnson


N-220 ID by Becky Briggs (Eagan) found at the Winthrop Historical Society

Emil Kosek & Luellen Zettler Wedding

Dennis Kosek, Elmer Dressel, Emil Kosek, Luellen Zettler, Dorothy Kosek, Mathilda Kosek

July 30, 1946

N-141 Identified by Debra Kosek McCormick


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