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Ostrom camera.jpg

Seven (7) photos were identified in 2015.

(Ostrom Camera - From the museum collection)

Lucille Witt
& Edward Schaubhut

c. 1955

N-387 Identified by Sam Shult

N-387 compressed.jpg

Roger & Eldonna Laabs

N-385 Identified by Janice Drill, Courtland & Elaine Ricke Wirtanen

N-385 compressed.jpg

Kenneth & Ronald Bahr

c. 1955

N-384 Identified by Bonnie Pettis & Georgia Schulte, both of Gibbon, and Rueben Stresemann, North Carolina

N-384 compressed.jpg

Confirmands: Charles Nelson, Robert Johnson, Bea Lynne Felter, Judy Swanson, Sherry Jans

c. 1955

Reverend Campbell

N-383 Identified by Sherry Jans Feige, Little Falls and Sandra Ulrich

N-383 compressed.jpg

Front: Emil & Ida Gehrke
Back: Alice, Clarence, and Loretta

N-382 Identified by Jackie Bernstein and Irene Leske, Winthrop

N-382 compressed.jpg

Elaine Clark & Lloyd Baumgarten

N-381 Identified by Elaine herself! And Mary Lou (Becke) Otto

N-381 compressed.jpg

Edward (Ed) & Annie Anderson family
Children: Waldo, Wendell, Kenneth, Ralph, and Iva

N-56 Identified by Joan Johnson, Minneapolis (Annie is her grandmother's sister)

N-56 compressed.jpg
2015 Newspaper IDs: Education
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