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Ostrom Photo Themes

The photos of these men were taken at the Ostrom Studio in Winthrop. August-September-October of 1944

Winthrop News, August 10, 1944 (page 1)

The Minnesota Valley Canning Co.'s plant at Winthrop will get underway for the season's pack at an early date.  There will be 208 factory hands.  In the field the pickers will number about 65 men, 48 Jamaicans and 12 Mexicans.  The Jamaicans will be housed and fed at the plant grounds.  This crew of foreign workmen has been employed at LeSueur during the pea pack.

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Minnesota Local History (Minnesota Historical Society) picked up our story!

The following article was originally printed in the "Sibley County Historical Society Newsletter"  Volume 16, Issue 4, December 2011.

Reprinted with permission from the Sibley County Historical Society

SCHS Article by Steven Briggs

Minnesota State Historical Society Feature

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