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Gaylord Photographers' Collection


Gaylord Photographers

Duane Thiele, Jack Schuster, & William Wetmore

Visit the museum to search the collections for your treasures!

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Thiele, Duane G.
Studio: Thiele Studio


     Address: 1221 Greeley, Glencoe, MN

Decades Worked in Minnesota: 1950s; 1960s

Successor: Jack Schuster

Notes: Opened a branch of his Glencoe studio in Gaylord in 1960; Sold it to employee Jack Schuster in 1962.

See inventory below.

Go through the inventory. If you are interested in an item, then visit us in Henderson, or contact us by phone or email.

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Thiele Photo Inventory

There are two boxes containing 500+ envelopes (several 1,000s of negatives). The boxes are housed at the museum. Envelopes contain mostly  negatives - there are some proofs and a few finished prints.

You will find weddings, confirmations, high school graduations, small children, and local business persons. Plus the 1962 Gaylord Homecoming King & Queen.

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Schuster, Jack
Studio: Schuster Photography


     Address: Gaylord, Minnesota

       Dates of operation: 1960-1974

Decades Worked in Minnesota: 1960s; 1970s

Predecessor: Duane G. Thiele

Successor: William Wetmore

Notes: Managed Duane G. Thiele's studio in Gaylord and then purchased it in 1962; sold studio to William Wetmore in 1974.

Schuster Photo Collection

An inventory does not yet exist. There are several boxes of photo envelopes.

William Wetmore 8x10.png

Wetmore, William
Studio: William's Studio


     Address: 416 Main, Gaylord, Minnesota

Decades Worked in Minnesota: 1970s, 1980s

Predecessor: Jack Schuster

Notes: Purchased studio from Jack Schuster in 1974.

William's Photo Collection

An inventory does not yet exist. About 15 boxes of photo envelopes.

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