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Gaylord Photographers' Collection

Knowledge for All

Gaylord Photographers, 1960-1990s

Duane Thiele, Jack Schuster, & William Wetmore

We are pleased to offer a selection of photos for sale from 1960 to 1995.

Obtain copies by calling the Museum or by sending requests by mail.

Sales benefit Sibley County Historical Society.


  • Tell us a family name or event

  • Give us a range of possible dates

  • Give us a subject, like "wedding" or "basketball", etc.

Email Us:

We will search for photos within your parameters and report back to you what we have,

at which time we can discuss options for receiving the photos.

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Thiele, Duane G.
Studio: Thiele Studio

No Photo Available
Article, courtesy of The Gaylord Hub


     Address: 1221 Greeley, Glencoe, Minnesota

Decades Worked in Minnesota: 1950s; 1960s

Successor: Schuster, Jack

Notes: Opened a branch of his Glencoe studio in Gaylord in 1960; sold it to employee Jack Schuster in 1962.


Schuster, Jack
Studio: Schuster Photography


     Address: Gaylord, Minnesota

       Dates of operation: 1960-1974

Decades Worked in Minnesota: 1960s; 1970s

Predecessor: Thiele, Duane G.

Successor: Wetmore, William

Notes: Managed Duane G. Thiele's studio in Gaylord and then purchased it in 1962; sold studio to William Wetmore in 1974.


Wetmore, William
Studio: William's Studio


     Address: 416 Main, Gaylord, Minnesota

Decades Worked in Minnesota: 1970s, 1980s

Predecessor: Schuster, Jack

Notes: Purchased studio from Jack Schuster in 1974.

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Gaylord Courthouse.jpeg

Schuster Photography Prize-winning Photo of the Sibley County Courthouse
For Sale

Learn With Us Today!

8" x 10" (Seven available)
These framed photographs were given as gifts to long-time retiring courthouse staff, such as clerk of court and registrar.

Photographers' Collection, Gaylord: Welcome


Price: $10.00 per sheet

Sheet options: One 8x10 or two 5x7s

We have looked through several of the large file boxes which store these

photos and negatives.  Here is just a sample of what we found:


Family Groups

Senior Portraits - Belle Plaine, LeSueur, Henderson, Gaylord

Confirmation - Groups and Individuals

but also:

Homecoming Royalty - 1983 Henderson, 1983 Nicollet, 1988 Gaylord

1977 & 1994 Gaylord Homecoming Coronaton

1983 Belle Plaine Prom

1984 Gaylord High School Basketball

1979 Belle Plaine High School Winter Sports, Cheerleading, Band, Pep Chorus

1984 Belle Plaine High School Winter Sports

1980 Henderson High School Football

1986 Winthrop High School Volleyball

Stop by for a visit and re-discover your own treasures!

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