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Nineteen (19) photos were identified in 2022.

(Ostrom Camera - From the museum collection)

2022 Newspaper IDs: Education

Otto / Peetsch Wedding

Selma Otto and Lewis Peetsch were married May 12, 1940

N-610 was identified by Sheryl Freyholtz

N-610 crop.jpg

Oscar Bartz Family of Winthrop

Men in the back:  Oscar Bartz, Larry Bartz

Women in front:  Linda Bartz, Ethel (Johnson) Bartz, Nancy Bartz

N-606 was identified by Nancy (Bartz) Kiecker, Caren Grotberg, Don,

Jan Pederson, and Lorie Schauer


John Pagenkopf & Loretta Gehrke Wedding

Loretta Gehrke and John Pagenkopf were married April 8, 1948

Attendants were Gerald Neubarth and Irene (Trebbensee) Leske

N-605 was identified by Connie Kalk, who saw the photo

in the Winthrop News


Carl E. Erickson Family

Standing:  Carl E. Erickson, Clifton Erickson, Roger Erickson (yes, that Roger Erickson)

Seated:  Curtis Erickson, Adelia Erickson holding Merridee,

Richard Erickson

N-604 was identified by Don Miller and Ron Martin

N-604 crop.jpg

Wedding Couple

Joyce Arndt & Frank Papke were married August 13, 1966.

N-602 was identified by Diane Neubarth


Two Brothers

(L-R) sons of Edgar & Bernice Benson, Lowell Benson and Merlin Benson.

N-590 was identified by Lowell's wife Kathy, who saw the photo in the Winthrop News


Three Siblings

(L-R) JoAnn (Lindstrand) Collins, Doug Lindstrand, Joyce (Lindstrand) Brandvold.

Their parents are August & Blandina Lindstrand.

N-587 was identified by JoAnn Collins


Schwecke / Ruschmeyer Wedding

Amanda Schwecke and Ervin Ruschmeyer were married May 6, 1944

N-588 was identified by Bonita (Ruschmeyer) Pettis and Diane Isakson


Two Girls

(L-R) Sisters Bernice Clobes and Beverly Clobes.

N-586 was identified by Kathy Clobes


Elderly Couple

Emil & Anna Malmberg

N-581 was identified by Marge & Gene Bieraugel, who live in Northeast Oregon


Mother and Two Children

Mrs. Leonard A. Schuette (nee Martha Meyer) with her children Tom and Mary Jo

N-565 was identified by Donald Miller of Lakeville


Two Boys

(L-R) Rodney Briese and Lowell Briese, sons of Norbert & Phyllis Briese.

N-557 was identified by Shirley Black at the 2022 Sibley County Fair


Wickstrom Family

Hilda Wickstrom and her son Leo.

N-556 was identified by Ron Martin


Friedrichs / Jaus Wedding

Annie Friedrichs and Otto J. Jaus were married November 8, 1941.

N-554 was identified by Martin Jaus


Wedding of Della Kirchhoff & Herbert C. Boelter

Della Kirchhoff and Herbert Boelter were married February 5, 1936.

They were from the Gibbon area, and later lived near Gaylord.

N-553 was identified by their daughter, Joyce Messner


Two Children

Sister and brother Victoria Weishert and Kevin Weishert

N-421 was identified by Bonnie Weltsch at the SCHS 2022 Annual Meeting


Three Children

L-R siblings Gwen Olson, Gary Olson, and Gregg Olson

Children of Lloyd & Ruthie Olson

N-355 was identified at the 2022 SCHS Annual Meeting by an anonymous person


Two Boys

(L-R) Kevin Guggisberg and Kenneth Guggisberg in the mid-1950s, sons of Alex & Agnes Guggisberg.

N-343 was identified by Katie Kramer and Shirley Black at the 2022 Sibley County Fair


A. F. Krueger Family in June 1917

In back:  Ida (Krueger) Blaesing, Amalia (Krueger) Lehrke, Gus Krueger, Carolina "Lena" (Krueger) Ude.

In front: Emil Krueger, William Krueger, Franz (A. F.) Krueger, Erwin Krueger, Emilie (Erdman) Krueger,

Anna (Krueger) Lehrke.

N-83 was identified by Anna's son, Walter Lehrke, at the 2022 Sibley County Fair

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