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Ostrom camera.jpg

Thirty-three (33) photos were identified in 2016

(Ostrom Camera - From the museum collection)

Wedding of Jerome Pagel & Ann Collins

Diane Buntrock, Lenora Klukas, Debra Pagel, Wayne Klukas, Delmar Redetzke, Darwin Grack

St. John's Lutheran Church, Winthrop


N-444 Identified by Junior Bridesmaid Debra (Pagel) Trebesch

N-444 compressed.jpg

Wedding of Harriet Prosch and Eldred Redman

Carelyn Fyling, Cindy Lucas, LaVern Lucas, John Prosch

Flower girl Linda Dahlberg and Ringbearer Mark Dahlberg

Covenant Church, North Mankato


N-443 Identified by Harriet Prosch Redman

N-443 compressed.jpg

Langhorst Family (Winthrop)

Seated: Jeanette, Ann, Paul, Vernon

Standing: Lois, Ruby, Leola, Arline, Wilma

c. 1961

N-438 Identified by Vernon Langhorst (Nelson, WI)


Margaretha & Ferdinand Ruschmeyer

50th Anniversary 

N-437 Identified by Royla Borchert (Winthrop)


Gorr Family (Winthrop)

Seated: Sophie & Alex

Standing: Shirley, Elsie, Marie, Delores, Dorothy, Fred, Richard, Harvey, Gottlieb, Rudy 

N-436 Identified by LeAnn Werner, daughter of Shirley (Winthrop); Jeanne Cole, daughter of Delores (Winthrop); Sam Shult; Kelly Pierson


Ella Just, Ida Lind, & Ernest Lind

c. 1959

Photo taken at First Lutheran Church, Winthrop 

N-435 Identified by Joni McLean

N-435 compressed.jpg

Brede Siblings

Seated: Richard

Standing: Bertha, Alvina, & Mary 

N-434 Identified by Adrianne Sjostrom (Winthrop)


Arthur and Maybelle Bonderson & Family

Carl on father's lap

Standing: Lyle, Barbara, Lois, John, & Betty 

N-433 Identified by Helen Bonderson, Rodney Lind (Gaylord)


Johanna & Herman Schuette

N-432 Identified by Marvanna Kettner (Winthrop, Granddaughter) & Gary Schuette (Grandson)


Front: Darlene Weitzenkamp, Betty Reese
Back: Ed Hallsten, Roger Blomquist

Evangelical Covenant Church, Winthrop

Confirmation class of 1956

N-430 Identified by Karen Benson, Winthrop


Uecker Family

Reggie, Berdina, Leonard, LaVerna, LuVerne Borchert 

20th Anniversary photo

N-429 Identified by Reggie & Kathy Uecker (Brownton), Elaine Deschaine, Royla Borchert (Arlington)

N-429 compressed.jpg

​Swanson Family

Susan, Madelyn, Steven, Rev. Stanley, Becky, and Timothy 

N-428 Identified by Ron & Neva Paulson (Lafayette), Adrianne Sjostrom

N-428 compressed.jpg

Selma Gehrke & Ernest Otto

Anniversary photo (married 1931)

N-426 Identified by Irene Leske and Mary Lou Otto, Winthrop

N-426 compressed.jpg

​Alvina Jahnke & Herman Kreft

35th Wedding Anniversary (1956)

N-425 Identified by Sharon Bird (Granddaughter) and Lu Dibbert Grack

N-425 compressed.jpg

Beverly Johnson & Marvin Caspersen

Married in 1956

N-424 Identified by Rodney Lind, Gaylord

N-424 compressed.jpg

Glenda & Dennis Dording

c. 1955

N-423 Identified by Elaine Deschaine

N-423 compressed.jpg

Vivian & Sandra Mueffelmann

N-418 Identified by Vivian!


Betty Pagel, Jean Pagel, Duane Haines, Lester Stark


N-417 Identified by Barb Pagel, Winthrop


Elmer & Violet Walz Family

Front: Renee, Debra, Sheila, John (Jack)

Back: Steven, Violet, Elmer, Sandra

N-416 Identified by Gene Berg, Elaine Deschaine, Ron & Sandy Zachow, Samuel Shult

N-416 compressed.jpg

Peter & Peggy Westby

c. 1956

N-415 Identified by Gene Berg & Janice Hall (Hutchinson)

N-415 compressed.jpg

​Earl, Karen, & Carol Heuer

All graduates of Winthrop High School

N-413 Identified by Margaret Lofthus (Winthrop), Elaine Ricke Wirtanen, Karen Sagmoen (Courtland), and Earl Heuer (Grand Rapids, Michigan)

N-413 compressed.jpg

Donna & Joyce Wendland


Joyce shares, "The picture gave me a good laugh because I remember my mom trying to get me to sit still to cut my bangs for the photo shoot."

N-410 Identified by Joyce herself! and Darlene Voss, Winthrop

N-410 compressed.jpg

​Carol Grosam & Lloyd Schroeder

Married at St. Andrew's Catholic Church, Fairfax

N-409 Identified by Lloyd's cousin Avonne Schuett, Brownton

N-409 compressed.jpg

Winthrop High School

Front: Barbara Howland, Joanne Sletten, Lou Ann Eckberg, Carolyn Ericson, Mary Jane Nierengarten, Kay Voelz

Back: Ron Webster, Warren Roberts, Dave Bjorklund, Dale Monson, Reuben Stresemann

N-408 Identified by Reuben Stresemann, Jeanne Webster Janssen, Gregory Johnson (Winthrop), Dave Mueller (Winthrop)

N-408 compressed.jpg

Leonard Boehlke

N-402 Identified by Otto Gutknecht, Winthrop

N-402 compressed.jpg

Chuck & Randy Freidrichs

Sons of Loren and Carole Freidrichs

N-400 Identified by Lyla Freidrichs, Gibbon

N-400 compressed.jpg

​Sisters Bernell and Marjorie Blaalid

Augustana Lutheran Church confirmation

N-399 Identified by Dick Isakson and Patricia Ericson

N-399 compressed.jpg

Louise & Carl Schuette

Jackie Bernstein emailed us, "Anniversary picture. My great grandparents."

N-398 Also identified by: Granddaughter Adrianne Lindeman

N-398 compressed.jpg

Grace (Jacobson) & Urban Johnson

We hear from Mary Lou (Johnson) Rolfe, "The couple in the Wednesday edition of the Winthrop News are my parents."

N-397 Also identified by Irene Leske

N-397 compressed.jpg

Ron & Richard Klement

Sons of Robert and Mary Ann Klement, Gibbon

N-396 Identified by Delores Klement, Gibbon

N-396 compressed.jpg

Ida & William Lickfett

N-394 Identified by Irene Leske

N-394 compressed.jpg

Elaine & Allen Trebelhorn

Family farmed between Winthrop & Gibbon and attended Winthrop High School

c. 1955

N-393 Identified by Elaine herself! Carol Grant and Irene Leske

N-393 compressed.jpg

Adela & Vernon Woods

N-390 Identified by Carroll & Joyce Woods, Gibbon

N-390 compressed.jpg
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